Whenever such a gadget looses its configured IP address (or you forget it, or the default is not in your local IPv4 network AND unknown), there is a simple measure to reconfigure it: run a ping for all local IPv6 nodes, and then open a browser and configure it using the so acquired IPv6 local link address - right? - no. The only browser you

Link-local only: Only create a link-local fe80::/64 address via StateLess Address AutoConfiguration (SLAAC). Link-local addresses are not publicly routable. This is the IPv6 equivalent of IPv4's 169.254/16 link-local addresses. The base station will be reachable via IPv6 only from other devices on the data-link networks (wired and wireless Ethernet) directly connected to the base station. RFC 4291 - IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture RFC 4291 IPv6 Addressing Architecture February 2006 Currently, IPv6 continues the IPv4 model in that a subnet prefix is associated with one link. Multiple subnet prefixes may be assigned to the same link. 2.2.Text Representation of Addresses There are three conventional forms for representing IPv6 addresses as text strings: 1. The preferred form is x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x, where the 'x's are one to IPV6 setup question - Apple Community Jul 10, 2017 networking - What is a link-local address? - Server Fault

Static route for a prefix – link-local next hop. One of the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 is that IPv6 generates a link-local address for each interface. In fact, these link-local addresses are also used by routing protocols like RIPng, EIGRP, OSPFv3, etc as the next hop addresses. Let’s see what the link-local …

Instead, they use IPv6 Link Local Addresses for point-to-point communication.And Router do not forward these Link-Local Addresses because they are used only on a single link. You can also test your IPv6 Knowledge on IPv6 Questions Page.

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2) an IPv6 host will use link local or global addresses (more then one is supported) depending on what source address was used by first sender. You can imagine that an IPV6 interface can have a link local, a unique local address, and one or more global unicast addresses. Sep 01, 2019 · The IPv6 routing protocols use link-local IPv6 addresses for unicast addressing and next-hop address information in the routing table, so, it is important to make it an easily recognizable address. So, configuring the link-local address manually makes it recognizable and easier to remember.