Connect the PS3 directly into your modem, and do an automatic setup. If that doesn't work, then restart your router and try once more. i pluged it directly in the modem, but i haven't tried

Choose the Wi-Fi network and click "OK." Select "None" when asked if there is a security password and press the "X" button to save the information. The PS3 now begins to test the internet connection. This takes a few moments; the PS3 states "Test Complete" when the completed. Press "X" again and your PS3 is now connected to a free internet source. Dec 22, 2008 · The PS3 doesn't even need a ethernet cable, it's all wireless built in it. I know how hard it is i had trouble fixing mine up to. just go to settings, then network setting, then internet connection. After that just go through all the steps and it'll be just fine. it's really not as hard as it first seems. Acces PDF Ps3 Manual Internet Setup Ps3 Manual Internet Setup Settings for the access point are typically set using a PC. For details, contact the person who set up or maintains the access point. 2. Confirm that an Ethernet cable is not connected to the PS3™ system. 3. Select (Settings) > (Network Settings). 4. Select [Internet Connection Pretty much the main thing you can do with PS3/PSP is remote play. If your not interested in remote play, then theres really not much else you can do with the PS3/PSP connectivity. I have a PS3 and PSP and I never use remote play. With remote play, you can access your PS3 with your PSP from anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi. Jan 07, 2008 · Goto Internet connection settings just below internet connection-Push yes when it says you may be disconnected. Select wired or wireless ( for wireless connection you may have to reset the router in order to get the router to recognize the ps3) For wireless use scan or enter manually. Follow on screen instructions. Additionally, please note that DVI ports do not accept sound. If you use an HDMI to DVI converter, you will have to get sound from a cable connected from the AV Multi-out port or via the digital optical port. Check Your HD Setup and Equipment - The resolution output (i.e., picture quality) of the PS3 will depend on three factors: Hi. My PS3's built-in wireless is slow as feces through a funnel so I'd like to try this with my desktop PC's wifi across the room which is blisteringly fast. All I have though is a crossover cable that can reach from my PC to my PS3. So, can a crossover cable be used with this technique or do I need a regular Ethernet cable? Thanks for any help.

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How to set up Internet on your PS3 (Wireless) - YouTube Jul 06, 2009

Enter your wireless network password, and then press the right arrow button on the controller’s D-pad. When the configuration process is complete, the “Settings List” menu will appear and the “Internet Connection” setting will be listed as “Enabled.” Press “X” to save the new Internet connection settings.

Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings (wired connection) Internet Connection Settings (wired connection) Set the method for connecting the system to the Internet. When making a wired connection using an Ethernet cable, you can follow the on-screen instructions to automatically select the basic settings. How to Connect Wireless Internet (WiFi) to a PlayStation 3 Feb 10, 2020 How to set up Internet on your PS3 (Wireless) - YouTube Jul 06, 2009 How to Set up the internet on your PS3 « PlayStation 3